Metalosoares The Metalosoares is an area of ​​metalworking company that has expertise and experience of more than 20 years with stainless steel.

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A Metalosoaresis an area company that has the metalknow-howand experience of more than 20 years with stainless steel.

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The main objective is to offer a service with a great standard of quality and expertise in all its stainless steel products.


The productsMetalosoaresusing stainless steel, specifications and thicknesses required in accordance with the project and customer requests.

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Stainless steel

A stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium, may also contain nickel, molibdénio and other items, which shows physicochemical properties superior to the common steel, and high resistance to atmospheric oxidation its main feature. The main families of stainless steels, classified according to their microstructure, are: ferríticos, austenitic, martensitic, Precipitation hardening and Duplex.

Estes elements League, in particular the chromium, provide excellent corrosion resistance when compared with carbon steel. They are, actually, Oxidized steel. Namely, the chromium present in the alloy oxidizes em up contact with the air oxigénio, amu forming film, very fine and stable, chromium oxide - Cr2O3 - formed on the surface exposed to the environment. It is called passive layer and has the function of protecting steel surfaces against corrosive processes. To do this requires a minimum amount of chromium from about 11% mass. This film é adherent and impermeável, isolating the metal below it from the aggressive environment. So, must be careful not to locally reduce the content of chromium stainless steels during processing. This process is known in metallurgy as a passivation. Being very thin - about 100 angstroms - the film has little interaction with the light and allows the material to continue to present their characteristic glow.

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